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Posted on 11/16/17 8:57PM
Hello everyone. In need of transportation for work, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME, THANK YOU !
jpraegitzer's picture
Posted on 11/16/17 8:56PM
Hello, I'm a divorced Mother of 4 wonderful kids and a Grandma to 3 Beautiful Grandbabies, I live in a really bad part of town and don't have any finances that will allow me to purchase a car, it's a rough neighborhood and My Daughter and I get harassed at a...

New Members

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Joined on 02/22/18 4:26PM
I'm recovering from a meth and heroin addiction I'll be clean for 2 years in may I work full time at minimum wage tired of going hungry living check to check would like help getting a vehicle so I can find a better job that pays more so I can start saving money to...
Jeremy and cazma Mccubbin's picture
Joined on 02/22/18 3:16PM
My wife and I were teenage loves who found our way back to one another after 20 years. After our wedding we we're both working for a security company which provided security for damaged Thomas fire properties. This company refused to pay both my wife and I along with...