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Recent Recipients

NJMAN07107's picture
Posted on 01/12/17 11:27AM
I am on disability and live with a friend that is on disability...she has a pace maker...she also has diabetic neuropathy and other is very hard and expensive for her to go to the doctors and testing sites...she no longer drives and has no car.... I still...'s picture
Posted on 01/12/17 11:26AM
My story is about getting a better life. I am working towards making wise decisions and always working to live within my means. I am working to get out of debt and to increase my income by looking for better employment and building a business that is profitable. Now I...

New Members

ahammond05's picture
Joined on 01/20/17 2:23PM
I need a donated car because I walk 2 to 3 miles to the grocery store and back as well as to the shopping mall to buy clothes. Please consider me for a donated car, thank you.
Intarias's picture
Joined on 01/20/17 8:29AM
Hello everyone, I have had a bad 3 years. Due to an illness and injury at my last job I have become disabled. I had my car repo'd and lost my house. My truck was totaled in a not at fault accident 2 years ago. I have been left in a small town with no transpiration. I...