Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Free Charity Cars. Here are the most common questions we have been asked in the past. If you did not find an answer and need more assistance, please go to our Contact page and let us let us know how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Charity Cars, Inc. is a 501-C-3 non-profit charity. Federal EIN 59-3362703. Visit the “About Us” page for more details. (DBA 1-800-Charity Cars, Free Charity Cars)

“Reality,” observed comedian Robin Williams, “what a concept!” Yes, FCC has been awarding free vehicles to America’s struggling families since 1996 and has enjoyed an avalanche of local and national publicity, including being featured on Oprah, Montel Williams, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, and Two Guys Garage. Articles about the program have appeared in a host of publications including People Magazine, Women’s World Magazine, Motor Trend, The Non-Profit Times, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Among it’s many awards, our organization is honored to be a past winner of the prestigious Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award.

Unsure if our program is right for you? Have questions about who is eligible or what the requirements are? Want to know exactly what is required of you to qualify?

Please read the following and  familiarize yourself with our program;

1-800-Charity Cars provides free vehicles to a wide array of clients.

  Our clients include:

  • Victims of domestic violence
  • The medically needy
  • Victims of natural disasters
  • Families transitioning from public assistance to work
  • Families living in transitional living shelters
  • The working poor
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Military Families




  1.  Be a resident of the United States Of America
  2.  Be 18 years of age or older
  3.  Have a Valid Driver’s License
  4.  Be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
  5.  Have a genuine need for a vehicle (meaning you lack any sustainable transportation)
  6.  Have access to a Computer and Internet Service
  7.  Sign up and create an account on our vehicle distribution site
  8.  Complete an online application for a vehicle found under the Apply For A Car tab within your account.
  9.  Generate votes to move up the waiting list to increase your chances of having your application reviewed when a donated vehicle becomes available in your area.
  10.  Remain active on the site
  11.  Spread the word about our charity to increase vehicle donations by promoting
  12. Have the financial means to pay for the fees such as tag, title, emissions, insurance etc. if you are selected to receive a vehicle.
  13. Complete the paperwork process once awarded a vehicle.
  14. Be able to get to and pick up the vehicle AS SOON AS the process is complete and the vehicle is ready for pick up.
  15. Take financial responsibility for maintaining insurance and upkeep on the vehicle once awarded.




  • There is NO GUARANTEE of a vehicle as we are at the mercy of the donating public.
  • There is NO SET TIME FRAME for if or when you will receive a vehicle as we do not know if or when a viable program car will become available or in what area.
  • There is NO SET AMOUNT OF VOTES that it could take to receive a vehicle as mentioned above we are at the mercy of the donating public. 
  • There is NO SET AMOUNT OF VOTES to be number one in any given area on the waiting list as it varies from State to State how many votes have been accumulated by other members.
  • Our program IS NOT  intended for people in need of IMMEDIATE transportation due to employment, school, medical crisis etc. as we can not provide vehicles on demand.
  • Any member who goes inactive on the site for 30 days or more may be skipped if a vehicle becomes available in their area.
  • We DO NOT deliver/tow vehicles to recipients. If you are selected to receive a vehicle you will have to schedule the pick up time and arrange a means of transportation to go secure the vehicle yourself.
  • We DO NOT pay for or accept applications for people in need of repairs to vehicles they currently own.
  • All accounts are audited once a member is chosen to receive a vehicle. If it is discovered that the member has “gamed” the site by having multiple accounts and funneling votes that member WILL NOT receive the vehicle and will be banned from the site.
  • All information provided to us within your application for a vehicle WILL BE VERIFIED and documentation WILL BE requested to prove your circumstances prior to receiving a vehicle.
  • Only one application PER HOUSEHOLD is permitted for a vehicle and only one vehicle PER HOUSEHOLD can be awarded.
  •  Members are allowed ONE additional account on the site other than their own to assist them in their journey here. We refer to this as a Spouse account, but it can be used by another relative, friend, room mate etc. to help you if no spouse is present.



Unfortunately we have limited staff and cannot call members or receive calls from members. Please read this FAQ page thoroughly. You may also ask for assistance from the FCC Site Administrator (milodeke).

High ranking members or members with car icons can also be a great source for questions you may have. (Car icons indicate that the member has already received a car from FCC.)

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone call our offices regarding problems with this website, to report a member, to inquire about receiving a vehicle, or to apply for a position with FCC. Such calls to our office will result in the deletion of the members account. Please use the report bug link on the bottom of each page to report website problems and use the contact us page for other appropriate inquiries. Thank you for your cooperation.



We do not.

We are not an International Charity. We only service the United States of America.

We award vehicles nationwide. Throughout all of the United States Of America, including Hawaii and Alaska.

You cannot “win” a car as this is not a lottery or game of chance. 

No. Actually the majority of the over 5000 cars that we have given away thus far, have not been awarded at public events, but to individuals.

We never know what type of vehicle will be donated in your area. While members can not choose make, model, year, color etc. of a vehicle you can specify in your application your specific needs such as;  automatic or manual, handicap accessible, and size of vehicle to compensate for your family.

If FCC offers you a vehicle that will not work for your specific needs you may decline the vehicle and wait for one that will.

No one can purchase a charity car.  We do not ever sell these “program” vehicles.

Unfortunately with the downturn in the economy we cannot offer monetary assistance for repairs to vehicles you already have.

Having a car does not necessarily make you ineligible to apply for or get a car through our program in certain situations.

We provide vehicles to struggling families and individuals who do not have sustainable transportation.This means you can not possess a vehicle that you drive daily that is in good working condition and still get a vehicle from us.

There are many people who have cars that are inoperable, or close to it and they can still get a car from us.



Yes. FCC does award vehicles to other 501-C-3 non-profit charities. Your organization  may create a profile for your organization and if you are selected you may elect to receive a vehicle for your organization or refer a client to FCC to receive the vehicle.

The FCC private application found under the Apply for a car tab, is not made public, and is only viewable to Staff. We have worked with many Domestic Violence survivors in the past, and understand the need for privacy. It’s up to you what information you want to make public on your public profile/story/status/photos/videos or blog posts.

If you do not want your name searchable within the FCC website, there is a checkbox on signup that will keep your name from displaying in search results. If you have already signed up, you can still make your name unsearchable by placing your mouse over the My Profile Tab and clicking on edit profile and story from the drop down menu.

Unfortunately, you can not. You will have to have a computer/internet access to sign up and apply for a car. There are no other ways to apply for a vehicle.

FCC is under enormous pressure from our repair shops to get the cars removed ASAP as they have limited storage space available. The FCC website gives us the ability to quickly identify qualified recipients and complete the transfer of title so the vehicles can be picked up promptly.

It’s impossible to say for sure because it depends on so many variables. We rely on quality vehicle donations, and we are at the mercy of the donating public.

Once the FCC profile and application are completed, the member qualifies to have their application reviewed. Once a vehicle becomes available in a particular geographic location, our team usually begins reviewing the applications of our members with the most votes/highest page rank who live in that general vicinity. Even if your page rank is lower than someone elses, you may receive a vehicle if your story is truly inspirational and compelling, but we must strongly emphasize that your application is more likely to be reviewed if you have a high page rank. (Note: The applicant with the highest number of votes, page rank, or more poignant story, may not be selected to receive the vehicle and the recipient may be selected from any geographic location.)

We have an automated log out or as most people know it a session timeout which is seen on many websites across the internet.

The site is intended for members to be active not sit idle. (i.e members should sign in, vote, blog, message, and complete other various activities not sit idle without activity)  If there is no activity being performed members should not be signed in to the site.

So once you sign in to the site be active or your session will timeout and you will have to log back in after 30 minutes of inactivity.

We are at the mercy of the donating public, so we never know if, when, where or what type of vehicle will become available. We do not have an inventory of vehicles readily available as we award cars as quickly as we get viable program cars. There is NO guarantee of a vehicle and there may be an extensive waiting period for those who do receive vehicles. If you are in immediate need of a vehicle due to employment or medical crisis etc.. our program may not be for you.


FCC will call your contact numbers listed on your application. If you don’t answer we will leave a message (In case you are screening your calls, our area code is 407). If we do not hear from you within 24 hours we will email you. If we do not receive a call back from you within 48 hours of our first call we will choose another member.

Unfortunately with the downturn in the economy FCC can no longer help recipients with these fees. The recipient will be responsible for all fees as well as maintaining insurance and vehicle maintenance/upkeep.

The following is prohibited on FCC, including but not limited to;


  1. Contemptuous, rude, or disrespectful communication.
  2. Impersonating a Staff Member.
  3. Petitioning Staff for a vehicle, votes, job, or monetary assistance.
  4. Bartering or selling of votes.
  5. Negativity, admonishment, or harassment of any kind directed at another whether publicly or privately.
  6. Vulgar or profane language.
  7. Pornographic, overly revealing or suggestive photos of any kind.
  8. Spamming of any kind in any manner.
  9. Posting / advertising other websites in any manner.
  10. Requesting financial donations from other members in any manner.
  11. Public address of site, account, or member issues.
  12. Funneling votes from other accounts or any other method of gaming the site to cheat.
  13. Falsifying information on your vehicle application/story.
  14. Calling the Charity Cars office for any reason other than to make a donation or if you are returning a call from us in regard to a vehicle for you. 


**(Ultimately, staff has complete discretion over what is and is not acceptable on the site, and as deemed necessary)**

You may only have ONE account per member and you should never give your log in information to anyone else.

Members are allowed ONE additional account other than their own, on the site to assist them in their journey here. We refer to this as a Spouse account, but it can be used by another relative, friend, room mate etc. to help you if no spouse is present. This has to be an actual person living in your home over the age of 18 and whom will be controlling their own account.

You may have as many friends, relatives, etc as you can get to join the site to help you BUT they can NOT live in your household, or share your computer, and they must create the accounts and control the accounts themselves, NOT YOU!

Only ONE application PER HOUSEHOLD is permitted for a vehicle and only ONE vehicle PER HOUSEHOLD can be awarded.

PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT OR GAME THE SITE!!! If you are cheating you are only hurting yourself and you will be caught and lose the opportunity to get a vehicle.

All accounts are tracked and suspicious activity is redflagged in our system. If you are found to be gaming the site in anyway you are subject to vote revocation, account termination, lifetime banning, and/or being black listed. This means you will you will never receive a car, or ever be eligible for a car.

If you think you can beat the system or discovered a clever way to cheat, please note that all accounts are audited once a member is chosen to receive a vehicle. If it is discovered at that time the member has “gamed” the site by creating fake accounts, having control of multiple accounts and/or funneling votes in any manner, that member WILL NOT receive the vehicle and will be subject to the previously detailed repercussions.

In order to find out where you are on the waiting list in your State;

Go to the member search located at the top right side of the site

Click on the magnifying glass

This will open up the member search

Choose your state from the drop down menu

Click search

This will then open up the waiting list for your respective State

There are 10 members per page in order by who has the highest amount of votes

Go page by page until you locate yourself


In order to find out where you are on the National waiting list;

Simply click on the vote for applicants tab

This will open up the national list

There are also 10 members per page here and are in order by who has the highest amount of votes



When looking through the lists to determine your ranking on the waiting list, do not count members who already have been awarded a car, got a car on their own, are here to transfer votes only or have been inactive for 30 days or more as these members are not eligible for a vehicle or vying for one.

Vote for other members and they will vote for you.

You will hear this refereed to as RANDOM VOTING. Just click on the My profile tab and scroll down the page and click on View Community Updates. This will take you to the community board and from there you can see a list of 50 most recent members online and 50 most recent status updates. You can also click on Vote For Applicants to find a listing of all members on the site or place your mouse on the Vote For Applicants tab and click on new members from the drop down menu to access a list of the newest members.

Just open up each member in a separate tab and vote for them. You will be generating votes daily for yourself by doing so. As you spend some time random voting be sure to click add as friend on members profiles who you wish to support each day with your vote. By doing so you will eventually build yourself a friend list that will encompass some wonderful loyal voters in turn generating steady incoming votes daily for yourself.

Earn votes for yourself by having friends and family make a donation to Charity Cars

Share the link to your profile on your social networks, websites, forums, through emails to family and friends and ask them to make a donation to Charity Cars on your behalf! Every $10 donated will earn you 200 votes! There are 2 ways they can donate through Paypal, and JustGive. All they have to do is specify your username in the box on the donation form.

Promote to generate a vehicle donation

When you promote to generate vehicle donations be sure to always include in your email or flyer etc REFERRED BY your username. If a donor specifies you then you can earn a minimum of 2000 votes if the vehicle is used as a program car. If not you can earn 200 votes for every $10 generated from the sale of the vehicle.

Earn votes by completing tasks on the site to earn badges for your profile, included but not limited to the following;

Activities to Promote, Earn Votes & Earn Badges

four-and-four Add four images and four videos to your profile for 25 votes.

invite-your-friends-and-family Earn 1 vote for every friend you invite. No cap on the amount.

link-3-social-media-outlets Add three social media outlets to your profile for 50 votes.

make-a-donation Earn 200 votes per $10 donated through an approved donation method.

profile-completion Complete your profile for 250 votes.

sponsor-a-friend Earn 10 votes if an invited friend signs up and selects you as the referrer.

start-your-blog Write your first blog post for 10 votes.

Yes you can vote for yourself daily and you can also make a donation on behalf of yourself to earn 200 votes per $10 donation. Just be sure to specifiy YOUR username at the time you make the donation.

No. It’s free to vote if they sign-up and create a profile.

If family or friends do not want to sign-up they can vote by making a donation to FCC. For every $10 we will award 200 votes to the username the donor specifies.

You can vote for as many members as you like each day but you can only cast one vote per day for a particular member. But for every $10 donation you make to FCC, 200 votes will be awarded to the username the donor specifies.

We could, but that would hurt FCC’s ability to generate car donations as well as reduce our advertising revenue. Please understand that the more times our members vote, the more times ads are displayed on each profile page. Additionally, activity and page views will improve our websites visibility on the Internet which helps FCC receive more vehicle donations from the public.

If you have signed up for an account and do not have full access to fill out the application, update your status, add or request friends, messages etc… YOU MUST VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Be sure to check the email address you used at sign up for the validation email including your SPAM FOLDER and validate your account. If you can not locate the email just place your mouse on the My Profile Tab and click on Change Email & Password from the drop down menu, scroll down and click on the resend validation email link.

The site will only recognize your username and/or password if you enter them EXACTLY as you created them. They are case sensitive so be sure to enter the correctly.




If your username is anonymoususer459


and your password is INEEDaCARnow


and you enter ANONYNOUSEUSER459


and ineedacarnow


the system will reject it as it was not entered correctly as you created it.


Always write down your username and password to so you can refer back to it if you happen to forget it, or have issues signing in.



If you forget your password or username


You will get the following email



Subject: Replacement login information for YOUR USER NAME WILL APPEAR HERE at Charity Cars


YOUR NAME WILL APPEAR HERE, A request to reset the password for your account has been made at Charity Cars.

You may now log in to by clicking on this link or copying and pasting it in your browser:

This is a one-time login, so it can be used only once. It expires after one day and nothing will happen if it’s not used.

After logging in, you will be redirected to so you can change your password.



All you have to do is click or copy and paste into your browser the link they provide for you to log in

Once you do this you will then be taken to the reset page to log in It will say

You have successfully validated your e-mail address.

Reset password

This is a one-time login for YOUR NAME WILL APPEAR HERE and will expire on EXPIRATION DATE WILL APPEAR HERE

Click on this button to login to the site and change your password.

This login can be used only once.


This will then redirect you to the change password page

  1. Enter your password of your choice
  2. Re enter it in the confirm password box

You password is now reset

To change your email address and/ or password do the following;

Place your mouse over the My Profile Tab

Click change email & password from the drop down menu

Enter your new email and/or password into the respective field

Click Save

In order to complete your profile you must follow the TIPs that are posted directly beneath the percentage progress bar to advance to the next level of completion. If you follow all of the tips, and do as instructed you will eventually reach 100% completion.

Upon profile completion you will receive 250 Votes and the You’re in there badge.

If you have changed your address, phone number, employment, or income has changed just click on the apply for a car tab and update your information.

Unfortunately this is not a possibility. We do not allow members to change their usernames so be sure what you choose when you sign up you are completely happy with as you will have that username for the duration of your membership with the site.

To add someone as your friend just visit their profile and click on add to friends which is located underneath their profile picture.


To remove them as your friend visit their profile and click on remove from friends which is located underneath their profile picture.


To add someone back to your friends you previously removed just visit their profile and click on the add friend anyway which is located underneath their profile picture.


*Please Note*

If you do not see the option to add to friends they have previously declined a request from you, removed you and/or blocked you and you will not be able to send them any further friend requests. They will have to add you back, or send you a request.

If the time ever comes that you would like to delete or disable your account here on FCC all you have to do is;

  1. Place your mouse over the My Profile tab
  2. Choose delete account from the drop down menu

You will then be taken to a page that will display the following:

When deleting the account:

  • Disable the account and keep all content.
  • Disable the account and unpublish all content.
  • Delete the account and make all content belong to the Anonymous user.
  • Delete the account and all content.

All submissions made by this user will be attributed to the anonymous account. This action cannot be undone.


Make your choice, click submit, and then follow the on screen instructions.

*PLEASE NOTE* If you elect to delete your account it CAN NOT be recovered.

Once you have your Flickr account and your photos uploaded to it then you are ready to add your photos here on FCC.

1. Place your mouse over the My Profile tab in your blue toolbar

2. Select Add Pictures from the drop down list

3. Go to your Flickr account to your photostream and click on whichever pic you want to add

4. Once the pic opens up look above it and copy the URL in the address bar

5. Come back to your FCC page and paste that link into the URL box

6. Be sure to remove the s from the https:// at the beginning of the URL, as our site does not accept URL’s with the s in them

7. Add A title for your picture

8. Then click save

If you want to add more pictures then just repeat this process for each picture you want to add.


PLEASE NOTE- That any additions, or changes to the site must be updated by the System. This means they will not show up immediately, The site is set to update at 15 minute intervals, however if site activity is high this can take much longer. Please do not submit a contact us form, or send a message etc.. until at least 24 hours have passed.

  1. First thing first make sure you locate the youtube video you want to add and have it opened in another tab.
  2. Place your mouse over the My Profile tab
  3. Choose Add Videos from the drop down menu
  4. This will open a page that will have a place for you to enter a title and the url of the video
  5. Go back to the youtube page tab
  6. Copy the URL in the address bar
  7. Come back to FCC and paste that URL into the URL box
  8. Then either copy your title or write one in the title box
  9. Next you can preview it if you want to so that you can make sure you got the URL right
  10. Click Save and your Youtube Video will now be listed on your profile


PLEASE NOTE- That any additions, or changes to the site must be updated by the System. This means they will not show up immediately, The site is set to update at 15 minute intervals, however if site activity is high this can take much longer. Please do not submit a contact us form, or send a message etc.. until at least 24 hours have passed.

Posting a blog is very easy to do!

1. Place your mouse over the My Profile tab

2. Choose Write Blog Post from the drop down menu

3. It will open up the blog posting page

4. Type your title

5. Then type the context of your blog in the body part

6. Then click save!


PLEASE NOTE- That any additions, or changes to the site must be updated by the System. This means they will not show up immediately, The site is set to update at 15 minute intervals, however if site activity is high this can take much longer. Please do not submit a contact us form, or send a message etc.. until at least 24 hours have passed.

You can add your social connections to Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter here on the site, and once you add the link to them an icon for each one you add will show up on your profile thus allowing others to connect with you outside of FCC!

You can also add  Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram, but please note they WILL NOT display on your profile at this time. We are working on that, so please be patient.

To add your social connections;

  1. First compile a list of the links to your social networks/connections.
  2. Once you have your links compiled place your mouse over the My Profile tab in your blue toolbar and then click on Edit Social Connections.
  3. From there you simply copy and paste your links into each respective box and then click Save.
  4. If you add at least 3 social connection links you will earn votes & your Social Butterfly Badge as well!!
  5. You can also open each of your profiles on your other social networks into a separate tab and simply copy and paste your links from the address bar of each of them.
  6. Be sure you do not have any “s” in the beginning of your URL’s such as https:// as the site will not recognize or accept it. If they do have an “s” just remove it and the site will accept it.


Not true-but members who have not logged into their profile for 30 days or more may indeed be passed over.

Please be advised that it can take up to 72 hours after your payment has cleared for your votes and/or badge to appear on your account. Also the username of the member who is to be awarded the votes and/or badge from the donation MUST BE supplied at the time of the donation and it MUST BE correctly spelled.

If it has been past that time frame and you did not receive the votes/badge or you failed to supply the correct username then send a copy of your receipt to

No report is needed. Just like Facebook or any other social networking website, we have many members and we cannot possibly verify the public stories they present. We do however have a process to authenticate and verify all information contained in the FCC application if the member is selected for review to receive a vehicle.

We realize that life happens and people must deal with it. Often times people must step away due to illness, evictions, loss of utilities, deaths of loved ones etc.. and we like to leave the door open for them to return when life permits.

Use the “report user” feature found on every members profile page.

FCC does not receive cars from dealers and never has. Our dealer program had consisted of an advertising partnership but it has proven unsuccessful and we are no longer pursuing this program.

Whenever we select a member for review to receive a vehicle we authenticate and verify their story and the information contained in the FCC application to ensure that they qualify.

We wish we could make everyone happy but alas, we are mere mortals and do the best we can. We are America’s leading car donation / distribution charity and have been awarding free vehicles since 1996. Every aspect of our program has been born from invaluable experience. We believe that members who are willing to invest sweat equity by working to vote & promote should be the members chosen to receive the gift of a vehicle. We love all our fellow mortals and hate disappointing anyone, but if our program does not resonate with you, please forgive us. We wish you much peace and joy.

These are self-appointed charity watchdogs organizations - not government agencies and FCC has chosen to ignore them. To understand why we have made this decision please visit and

For additional questions, visit our contact page.