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Joined on 08/17/17 1:12AM
I have survived 3 of the worst years of my life and am finally making through to the other side. I got married to a man who became a drug addict, and brought me down in every way. I ended up taking the fall for his possession charge along with a theft charge, which I...
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Joined on 08/17/17 12:06AM
I have two amazing, gorgeous, and brilliant children. Currently, I am living with very generous family. My life turned around completely after leaving the father of my children. I myself grew up in a disturbing family situation, and I just want the best for my children....
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Joined on 08/16/17 11:19PM
I am a single mom with 2 small kids and I am looking for a job. I live in government housing and need help. Thank you.
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Joined on 08/16/17 10:40PM
34 year old US Army Veteran. Medically retired with three children. Been trying to support them to the best of my ability. Overwhelmed with medical debt, my vehicle was repossessed and now we are stuck with a minivan that is on its last leg to try and get to work, school...
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Joined on 08/16/17 8:00PM
My name is Amanda. I am 18 years old. I left home and got married when I was only 16, there was family issues so I had to leave. My mom was incarcerated. My husband and I got part time jobs to get a small apartment. We where both on foot walking to work and home and to the...
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Joined on 08/16/17 7:44PM
single mom of son is 7 and my little baby girl almost 18 month. Resently got out of domestic violence relationship.we are finally out of the shelter and have a home,life is starting to look up for this little family.A car can make our life a little easier,going to...
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Joined on 08/16/17 6:27PM
I am a 21-year-old college student, I am an aspiring teacher. I have one more year left of school and have the chance to be the first person in my family to graduate college. I am also the primary caregiver in my household since my mother was diagnosed with congestive heart...
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Iam a single mother with 2 beautiful babies my ex cheated on me and got another girl pregnant so he left me and I'm on my own he left me to pick up the pieces he screwed me over so badly he even has my children and I want them back in my life but in order for me to get...
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I am a single mother of a wonderful, smart, wild and caring 9 year old boy. I am in school working on getting my Real Estate licence as well as working a few part time jobs here and there. I have always had a car up until about 4 months ago when my car was repossessed. I...
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Hi My name is Tammy Penrod I'm 55 year old single mom. Eleven months ago my daughter totaled out my car.I only had pl-pd insurance therefore my car was not covered. All though my daughter is still recovering from surgery and she will be fine. I'm having a hard...