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I Honestly Dont Know How Else To Put It,, I'm 21 With Noo Transportation, I Mean I Have Noo Issue With Longboarding And Walking To Work However It Gets Tiring, Almost As Tiring As Paying For A Ride When Walking Is Rather Not An Option, Having A Car Means Many More Job...
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My name is Ms Kyera Thompson I have 4 children, I am a single parent, I am disabled.
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I'm 26 and i am single i have no children i was struck by a vehicle may 13th 2016 and i was knocked unconscious instantly and was dragged additional 3-5 feet i was on crutches and had a kneck brace was told i may not ever walk again but i am. I also fjust found out...
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I am a 42 year old woman who works full time. I have always been employed. I am in desperate need of a vehicle. I get rides from family or friends or on many occasions, I walk to work. I work very hard to pay my bills. I do not spend money on anything else. I just cannot...
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I have started a nonprofit named Operation Veterans' Hope and our mission is to help veterans overcome homelessness and substance abuse. Operation Veterans' Hope (O.V.H) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we are looking for a passenger van or mini van to help with...
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When I was 27 years old I had everything I need until I meet my future baby father.. I worked at the airport for Bahamas Air,and I had a car at all times either a rental or I had the beginning of our relationship everything was great until I came home and found...
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Hello, I'm a active 59yr.old greatgrand mother of four. I am recently, separated after 25yrs. Of marriage.I am trying to maintain my activites and independents.I am disabled,and have many doctor appointments I need to keep. I'm also very active in my Church, and a...
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I am fully disabled and financially unstable enough to buy a car. I am needing a car
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I had a really hard childhood in foster care, drugs, abuse, sexual trauma, I have experience almost all the pain that comes with life. I joined the Air Force to start a career I knew I would be rewarding and during technical training I was a victim of sexual assault that...'s picture
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Hello,my name is Bernie Jones. I live in Baltimore Maryland. I believe that faith brought me here because im in desperate need of a car and this may be my only hope. Last year my father passed away from cancer which was very devastating. My mother was left with a broken...