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Where do I begin? I am 29 years old father of 3 wonderful children. Daniel 9, Jaslynn 7, and Ethan 2. Everything was going fine, I shared custody of my 2 youngest with their mother. Something traumatic happened in her household. I can not discuss specifics because of the...
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Hello my name is Rico. I have been looking for help with a car.Me and my wife have recently faced with an economic disaster. We recently had to leave where we were and had to move in with my sister until we got back on our feet. We had a truck that we wound up spending what...
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My mom bought me a car with her settlement from her disability pay back and I ended up getting hit witch totalled it. Now I happily work two jobs so I can make up for what her disability can't and I can't save for a car with all the medical and house bills,and...
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My names Chelsea, My husband and I are dual military Navy. Recently we decided it would be fine if I transferred from Active Duty to the reserves to finish my nursing degree. However in Sept we gave birth to our little man. He ended up having quite a few medical problems...
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Hello everyone! My name is Mikalah. I am a twenty six year old single mother of a beautiful three year old girl. After learning to cope with my domestic violence experiences, I became a Domestic Violence Children’s Caseworker for the YWCA of the Sauk Valley. Currently I am...'s picture
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I am the 3rd generation of bad car uncle in may-2001,my grandmother was paralyzed in car accident-july-2007,she died 2010 from complications from surgery now me in june 2018. my pelvis and hip were crushed 6/15/2018 was t-boned by a truck my brakes on my car did...'s picture
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We are a 501(c)3 charity rescuing dogs in Southern CA, the underdogs need us and we want to save them by giving them the best life ever. We do everything from shelter rescue, to fostering, to veterinary care and grooming to prepare them for new loving forever homes. We...
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I am a grandma with MS, that was diagnosed in 1983, when I was 32 years old and raising my children. MS put me in a wheelchair for 10 years, and I could not do anything for myself. I would shake all day, I could not walk or talk to my children. MS had me confound to the...
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I am a recovering addict and a convicted felon {possession charges, a very long time ago},Which made it difficult to find a good paying job I am 61 and for the first time in my life am looking forward to tomorrow and what it has to offer. I recently got a job that will...
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In 2012, I was diagnosed with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) My heart was functioning at 15% I underwent surgery to have an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) put in. When that still didn't help, I was added to the Transplant list. I was put on many...