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Joined on 05/20/18 6:32AM
December 2017 my life changed drastically! I was going to work, living on the lake, driving a nice car. I wasnt feeling well and went to the doctor. The hospital had then rushed me to the big hospital for tests. I was sicker than I thought! I had non hodkins lymphoma. I had...
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Joined on 05/20/18 4:42AM
I'm the mom of three boys. I've been divorced for 7 years. I've never received child support and I've always worked to support my family. Their dad has been to prison 2 times in the past 4 years and when he got released this past time my oldest son and...
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Joined on 05/19/18 8:43PM
My wife who is disabled due to a stroke, and I (a military veteran) had been homeless for about 12 years, but then changed our fate by moving up North near my family. We got the help we needed to make a real life for ourselves. Now we have our own apartment, my wife is...
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My family and I (pregnant girlfriend, her two boys) became homeless in Spokane,WA in 2017 due to 1% vacancy rate. SSVF couldn't even help us. We lived in a shed (8x10) in Hawaii with estranged family which they never reconnected. They evicted us from the shed...
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Joined on 05/19/18 5:38PM
I am a 58 year old disabled mom with my only source of income being Social Security Disability. I have been trying my best to take care of my child that has been sick for the last 10 years without a successful diagnosis from the doctors. I recently had my vehicle totaled...
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I was making 64k a year in my government job. Because of a medical crisis, I was forced into early retirement, but my pension was very low because of it ($832/mo.). My husband is disabled, and while I was working, he did not collect SSI because we didn't need it...
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Growing up my father abused my mother physically and emotionally, I remember him choking her until she urinated on herself. I remember him spitting on her like she was nothing as well as so many other stories like that, my mother was a hard worker yet in still she worked...
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Left my husband of 29yrs, my baby girl dog I had was killed by a hit and run driver.Something has got to get better in my life. My family lives 350 miles away and I haven't seen them in 25+ years because I don't have a reliable car to go see them.
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Dear friends, I tragically suffered a massive stroke at a young age, no fault of my own, no family history, I lived a clean healthy living. I was just really busy by being a single mother and going to school and working. The medical field is confused by what happened. My...
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I was diagnosed with hiv back in 2016 and i m also on social security disability and. Im also in a hardship right now which prevents me from getting back and forth to grocery store school or even to school if i need to which prevents me from furthering my education as well....