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Joined on 12/11/17 1:37PM
I am a disabled vet and divorced mother. I am also trying to support a daughter through college. Even though I am a government worker currently overseas, I have just learned my mother has Alzheimer's. I am seeking to curtail my assignment so I can care for my mother...
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I am a single mother to a perfect 6 month old son. Due to a recent accident, I no longer have transportation for work or school. I really need this to better my life and my sons. I am currently living with my mother who has her own financial problems and nothing has been...
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Had to leave fl due to storm came to where all of my family resided my kids are failing school miserably our mini van head blew and we are now stranded here please help me and my family get back to our lives thank you very much Baldwin family
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I am a single mom with 3 kids, aged 10, 4, and 1. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, although I am only 28 years old. I had a van to use, but my mother needs it back since her car died. I am now carless and have no way to get to doctors appointment. I have one coming up in...
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In need of transportation to go to school. I recently moved to Texas and I searched for a used small vehicle, upon my search, I found a vehicle and paid $1600 for this vehicle,, I felt good about myself,,all but about 5weeks later, I was pulled over and told this car wasn...
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My daughter was found unresponsuve and careflighted to cooks childrens hospital which progressed to a coma. Her immune system was attacking her brain and nervous system. Doctors said she had a 2% chance of living. Or walking, talking, eating, or anything else. Maybe...
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Hello my name is Raven I'm a single 23year old mother of three baby boys ages 2,1,and 2mons really in need of transportation badly. Looking for help
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My name is Theresa marinaro and I live in a tiny hotel room with my disabled husband and my son and his pregnant fiance my son does work but barely makes $500 a month because he is only part-time we all survive off of mine and my husband's disability income we really...
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I am a single mother of two boys, Christian 16 and Caleb 9. I live in the Houston, Tx area which was recently hit really hard by Hurricane Harvey's wrath. I just recently lost my job. Before I started working at that company, I had a vehicle and it was older so my boss...
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Hello, I'm a single mother of two beautiful girls who is struggling to get to work right now. We just moved here to Huntsville from Chicago and got a great culture shock. In Chicago you can get any where at any time because they have an amazing public transportation...