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My wife and I were teenage loves who found our way back to one another after 20 years. After our wedding we we're both working for a security company which provided security for damaged Thomas fire properties. This company refused to pay both my wife and I along with...
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My story begins at the end of my sophomore year in high school. My mother was no longer getting paid at her job working for a non-profit, and my father no longer had a job. This eventually led us to being evicted from our home. Our family of five (Mom, Dad, my younger...
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Father of 2, Nezahri Pugh (11) and Maxwell Campbell (1).Currently working a part time job, trying to makes ends meet as much as possible. Having a car would mean a lot to me and my children, but I just cant afford one.
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I am 24 years old and my car just broke down and I lost my job due to having no transportation. I am currently taking care of my wife and child as well as my disabled father and brother in law. I also have 3 dogs that I care for very much. With another baby on the way I...
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this is for a friend of mine that really needs a vehicle she is on a fixed income and lives in an area in California does not have bus transportation and she cant get to Drs appointments or grocery stores it is very hard to rely on other people they have there own life this...
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The Story Young aspiring artist, Johnny Michael Villa has suffered a stroke at the young age of twenty. With so much life still ahead of him, the road to recovery will no doubt be daunting and expensive. His family has been by his side since an emergency surgery for brain...
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I just came out of a very abusive relationship with my husband. I have my daughter living with a family member. I was dependent on him for so long. Thats how he knew he had me. Well i got my head jumped on over and over and over again. I finally got up the nerve to...
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My family is in need of a family vehicle we currently don't have one we would love to be able to things for ourselves and as family my children are ages 14 12 10 9 7 5 4 2 oldest daughter is handicap we have no help with financial needs and can hardly find a way to...
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My name is Katrina. I am 23 years old. When I was 19 years old I had three small children I became addicted to drugs. I lost my children and my identity of who I was. I felt like I had no purpose. Well when I turned 22 I have done been to prison twice and ended up...
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Approximately 10 years ago I started having trouble with my legs. As a result of this still undiagnosed condition, I am no longer able to walk. My sister takes care of me. My income is $500.00 monthly. She doesn't have an automobile and cannot afford one. I am unable...