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Joined on 06/24/17 3:11AM
I am a step father to my girlfriends 6 month old boy. We have been struggling to maintain and get back and forth to appointments and look for jobs. It's been a year of looking for a job. We have support from her parents as my parents are incarcerated. It's not...
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I am a single mother of three amazing little boys. I was a stay at home mother for 6 years. I thought I was going to raise my boys and have this fairy tale ending , but it didn't. It soon became an abusive emotionally and physically. I depended on my abuser...
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Hello, my name is Brittany. I am a mother to a precious 3 year old boy and 38 weeks pregnant with my second son. I do not like asking for help, I'd rather give then receive. But I am going thru a struggle with not having a vehicle. I can't afford one and will not...
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I am a 19 year old mother of two beautiful girls in need of a car for the care of my children as well as transportation to and from work
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I am a single mother to two beautiful boys age 8 and 7 months . I am currently unemployed and without a vehicle . Me and my kids share a small room in my parents house and I need a car to get around, to go grocery shopping , to go to church , and to go to school : I just...
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Hello everyone, My name is David, but everyone who knows me calls me Indy. You can say that’s my ‘real name’. I joined the Marines to do something with my life. I am from an extremely small town, where people are born, raised and buried without ever leaving. I couldn’t...
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As an older experienced guy you think that just by a great work history I could get a Job anywhere. Not so, not griping, just reality. Last year I was able to start a business, you know,self employed. Got a private loan from a private person to get started,so, I'm...
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I've been dealing with severe social phobia and moderate recurring depression since I was very young. I'm now 31 and have recently moved into a home with my girlfriend which was given back to her by her ex (she paid for it and gave it to him so her step-son wouldn...
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Lord!! I just wrote my whole life story and I went to save it and it all disappeared.... Ill sum it up. I am a single mother of five exceedingly amazing children, 26 years old. My children range between the ages of 2-10. Their father[Steven] and I were together for 9...
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My story is simple but heart touching. I am currently taking care of my fiance who has MS and also has other cancer we were renting a car for a while until we could afford to .we struggle on in a daily basis trying to get her back and forth to work.I can't go to work...