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bipolarBrian's picture
Posted on 05/28/18 4:25PM
I am a 52 year old VETERAN, and nonservice-connected disabled man who suffers from bipolar disorder, depression, as well as other maladies. I do not own a car, and in fact own a laptop, a printer, new rollerblades I still owe $300 on, some clothes, and that is all. Because...
MarineAirWingMike's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 11:05PM
I have been so fortunate to receive a car. Thank you to the wonderful staff here and all who have voted me. I now staying on this website to collect and transfer votes. So please do not give up, keep thankfulness in your heart and hope for the best.
ruthlundy1's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 11:01PM
I am a single mom of two with sole custody of both ( I am also a grieving mother ) . I am currently back in school to better myself , however I was in an auto accident this week and totaled my car .This has been very devastating as I do everything for the household .I have...
coolmom4n's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 10:57PM
A household of 2 with limited means. Little Jasmine has autism non-verbal age 9 and mom is unable to take her out on events or look for daycare for her. We live in Plano and having a car is a must for doctors appt's and grocery stores along with other errands. A bigger...
hashtagQ's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 10:54PM
(MISSION COMPLETE) THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR ME, FINALLY GOT THE CALL!! Hi everyone! Names Robert but my friends call me Q.(first letter of last name) im here because like most of you i need a car. Yes....i could sit here and play my violin and get most of you to...
Gwarner88's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 10:50PM
**On March 16th I got the call and Charity cars blessed us with the promise of a 2008 Honda Fit. On April 12th we were locked out of our homes by the sheriff and were living in a uhaul behind my husbands work. Approx one week later the paperwork was done and we got a ride...
Groovy Granny's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 10:48PM
I am a 58-year-old woman living on disability due to mild agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder with panic attacks. I am unable to work full time and a lot of what I feel I can contribute to my family and community involves having a vehicle. I help transport my...
rsharpejr's picture
Posted on 05/12/18 10:44PM
I am a person living with a compromised immune system. I've been dealing with it for some years now. It was really bad when I had to spend 3 months and one week in the hospital in Georgia from November 2014 to February 2015. I almost didn't make it. During that...'s picture
Posted on 05/12/18 10:41PM
January 2018, I have been on FreeCharityCars, since September 13th 2012~ I've VOTED, PROMOTED, Helped others. I in 2014 thru 2015, I had Feet Surgery due to Rheumatoid Osteo Penia Arthritus to straightened out left & Right Feet. Well I was told no walking or the...
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Posted on 05/12/18 10:37PM
Hi, y'all. I've been gone so long I guess I should update this. I'm still fighting my doctors over that wheelchair. My left kneecap keeps shifting due to the torn meniscus that was never repaired. He wants to replace that knee but I can't afford the...