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Last Online on 04/16/18 5:03PM

Current Status: A-tisket, A-tasket, A green and yellow basket-Pray for God's Kingdom before we will all end up in a Casket!

Location: Cape May, New Jersey

Gender: Female

Age: 59

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I am so grateful to God for giving me the strength to cope with my Multiple Sclerosis. I realize now that my MS is manageable but it is always exacerbated by my poverty. Yes, walking to get the basic necessities is extremely difficult. I hate to inconvenience the few people I know. Interestingly, I can see how overwhelmed they are even though they have the what I need. Having a reliable car would give me so much more time to care for myself and others. I want to start a Support Group for MS patients. Without a car that is null and void. Please help me to help myself! Read More

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