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Mariah Nixon

Last Online on 09/13/17 8:39PM

Current Status: Hoping to start a better life for my little ones!

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Gender: Female

Age: 27

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Mariah Nixon

My Story

I recently became a single mother to my beautiful daughter Willow and I am currently pregnant with my second daughter Nova. About 3 months ago everything was going ok in life but a series of unfortunate events happened leaving me without and car and place to live. Thankfully I still have my full time job and my parents took me in. My father was also kind enough to let me borrow his work van to get to and from work, to Willows doctor appointments and my OB/GYN appointments. I am very blessed to have my parents to take care of my daughters and myself for the time being but I would love for my... Read More

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