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Last Online on 11/20/17 9:37PM

Current Status: Thank you F.C.C. and Thank you Denise. You don't know how much I appreciate your help.

Location: Sacramento, California

Gender: Male

Age: 48

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Back in 2002 I was at work and was crushed between a Jeep and a full size van. After a few surgeries on my leg and pelvis I was deemed stable by the insurance company but far from back to normal. I sold my Harley, jetski's and the rest of the toys I can no longer use to pay bills and keep food on the table for my family.I have lost my residence. I now live in a converted garage with my wife. (Who was in a car accident and now has back problems) I am on SSDI (disability) Even the SSDI Judge told me I should have sued my employer. But it was an accident and I didn't think it would be right. We have a car (Suburban) but the gas leaves us short every month...So I only go places when absolutely necessary. I would like a car or truck that gets good gas mileage. Seats 4 (We have two boys) Air conditioned if possible. I know this is a long shot. Seeing we don't have many friends. My wife and keep to our selves. Thank you for the opportunity to vent here...