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Last Online on 04/27/18 3:56AM

Current Status: I’ve been so sick. I’ve officially run out of votes to give. When I’m better & school done will vote daily again. Blessings

Location: California

Gender: Female

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UPDATE 3/26/2018. It’s been crazy. But having a car has changed my life. It has also shown me how being so cooped up and with no way to get to the rest of society for any reason really caused some serious problems. Not just physically. But emotionally. I’m afraid to go out and be around people. But having a car is getting back into seeing people. Something I used to love to do. So I am so very happy to have a car. TY again Charity Cats. 1/15/2018 I have a car! Ty FCC, Brian and Denise who was amazing. I loved the car at first site. The car was a complete mess when I entered it but I... Read More

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